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been dashed to the ground had the disaster not called forth the sympathy and aid of Justinian. In the room of the ruined buildings the emperor erected a magnificent establishment, with chapels dedicated to the Theotokos3 the Archangel Michael, S. Anthimus of Nicomedia3 and the Forty Martyrs of Sebaste, There also stood a hostel for the special accommodation of Syrian monks on a visit to Constantinople, and a hospital for diseases of the eye.1
In this account of the early history of the Chora3 there may be, as Schmitt2 thinks, many inaccuracies. It was easys even for a member of the House who aspired to authorship^ to confuse persons, to err in the matter of dates, and to overlook the changes which the buildings with which he was familiar had undergone before his day. But surely the biographer of S. Theodore can be trusted where his statements are supported by more reliable authorities, and we may therefore accept his testimony on the following points : that the original church of the Chora was earlier than the reign of Justinian ; that under Justinian the old sanctuary was replaced by a new and statelier building ; that the Chora maintained intimate relations with monasteries in Syria ; and that with it was associated a church dedicated to the Archangel Michael
The association of a church dedicated to S, Michael with the Chora, and the fact that the Chora stood on the property of Charisius, raise an Interesting question. For among the subscriptions to the letter of the monks to Pope Hormisdas In 518, and the subscriptions to the Acts of the Synod held in Constantinople in 536, stands the name of the abbot of the monastery of the Archangel Michael of Charisius.3 Was that monastery identical with the Chora ? If it was, that fact would be additional evidence that the Chora was earlier than Justinian's time. On the other hand, it is always dangerous to identify buildings because they were situated in the same quarter of
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